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This concluding study in Malachi 3-4 was given by Pastor Barry Forder on 24th July 2022. This also brings us to the end of our study in the Minor Prophets. Throughout the Minor Prophets we have seen God's faithfulness to the Nation of Israel, keeping His covenant with the nation that had been given to Abraham; yet God is a just God and Israel, before being restored, must be judged for her sins as a nation. Malachi draws all of this to a close and calls for a people who will offer sincere offerings from the heart out of a love for the God that has called and chosen them. Malachi also introduces us to two great voices who will 'prepare the way of the LORD'. Firstly, John the Baptist, who prepared the way at Christ's first advent, and then Elijah who will return and prepare the way for Christ's 2nd Advent! May you be blessed and encouraged by this study.



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