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1 JOHN CH2 1-13


1 JOHN CH2 1-13

This teaching on 1 John 2: 1-13 was given by pastor Barry Forder on 29th November 2020 as part of Calvary Chapel Portsmouth's on-line family service.

In this 2nd chapter, John continues to explain his reason for writing, firstly 'that you sin not', but then assures us that if we do sin as believers, we have an advocate, a legal representative in the courtroom of heaven who will plead our case before the throne of God. On the other side of the courtroom stands Satan, 'the accuser of the brethren'  (Rev 12:10), who reals off all the lies, adulterous and murderous thoughts, bitterness and more that we are guilty of. But when Satan has finished presenting his case against us, Jesus steps forward and holding out His nail-pierced hands, declares to the courtroom that His own blood was shed on the cross, so that He who knew no sin became all of the sins we have ever committed. In exchange we have been given the righteousness of Jesus - the sinless Son of God. Satan's case for the prosecution immediately collapses and we are declared 'Not guilty!' by Heaven's eternal court!

John then goes on to remind us that our love for God is being perfected as we walk in His Word:

  • A Christian no longer loves sin as he once did.
  • A Christian no longer brags about his sin as he once did.
  • A Christian no longer plans to sin as he once did.
  • A Christian no longer fondly remembers his sin as he once did.
  • A Christian never fully enjoys his sin as he once did.
  • A Christian no longer is comfortable in habitual sin as he once was.

“The Christian no longer loves sin; it is the object of his sternest horror: he no longer regards it as a mere trifle, plays with it, or talks of it with unconcern... Sin is dejected in the Christian’s heart, though it is not ejected. Sin may enter the heart, and fight for dominion, but it cannot sit upon the throne.” (Spurgeon)



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