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1 Peter CH2 11-25


1 Peter CH2 11-25

This teaching on 1 Peter 2:11-25 was given by pastor Barry Forder on 26th July 2020 as part of Calvary Chapel Portsmouth family service.

In the second half of 1 Peter chapter 2 Peter turns his focus to relationships - and specifically how a Christian should act toward others.

v11-12  - The Believers' relationship to others (which is dependant on our relationship to God)

v13-17  - The Believers' relationship to rulers & those in authority (which is defined  by our relationship to God)

v18-20  - The Believers' relationship: servants to masters (employees to employers) (which is derived from our relationship to God & Christ's example which we must follow).

In all of these relationships, we should remember that we are to bring Glory to God by our conduct. No longer can we just go around saying what we please, putting down any who disagree with us, rejecting rule and authority because we have a different political persuasion. Our opinions (and even more importantly our speech!) must be filtered through God's Word first.

God's created and loves all people, and has shown grace to all those who have received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We are to follow the example of Christ, who, although wronged, never retaliated, replied sarcastically, or sought to get even. Rather, He left it all in His Father's hands.

Remember that you have been chosen, you are part of a Royal Priesthood. Now you must reflect His glory and show respect and honour to all men.

May you be blessed, encouraged and challenged by this teaching!

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