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Science vs Evolution for Kids


Science vs Evolution for Kids

This teaching by pastor Barry Forder was recorded at our Children’s service on 31st March 2019.

In this teaching we presented to our Children some of the simple reasons that prove Evolution is stupid – it just cannot and did not happen! Yet sadly it is still taught in the classrooms to our vulnerable and impressionable children as a scientific fact.

One of the examples we looked at was the ‘Molecular Chirality’ of the amino acids the make-up Proteins.  Proteins are made up of entirely left-handed amino acids. There are 20 amino acids found in living systems but only about 10% of these have been able to be produced in laboratory experiments designed to simulate the earth atmosphere as proposed by evolutionists.  Out of the 10% that have been formed by ‘random chance’ in a laboratory, there has been a mix of 50/50 right and left handed amino acids. Evolutionists have yet to explain how, by random chance, 100% left handed amino acids are found in living systems. As we demonstrated by flipping coins, by random chance, you are never going to get all just one type, all of the time, every time!!

There are so many more examples that we can give to show that the ‘high quality science education’ our government wants to foister on the minds of our children is nothing short of secular humanism. Yet when we mention the God who Created all things we are told we are guilty of indoctrination!

The mantra of today’s schools, colleges and universities is ‘In the beginning Nothing…’ Then they call the Biblical explanation, with a beginning (verified by science), a universe that has been stretched out (verified by science), an Earth that is a globe (verified by science) hanging on nothing in space (verified by science), a Sun and Moon that exist to enable life on Earth and mark seasons (observable), life that suddenly appears on Earth (observable in the fossil record), creatures that reproduce only after their kind (verified by science and observation), a human race that is degenerating (verified by science), a world-wide flood (observable), a world that once had a uniform climate (verified by science), an ocean with ‘pathways’ (verified by science), the hydro cycle (verified by science)  etc. etc… they call all of this, ‘myth’ or ‘religious belief’, but nothing exploding and defying countless laws of nature and violating unnumbered scientific facts, this they call “scientific knowledge, supported by extensive, robust evidence”

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