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Mark 16


Mark 16

This teaching of Mark 16 was given by Pastor Barry Forder at our family service on 16th December 2018 and concludes our verse-by-verse journey through the Gospel of Mark.

In this study we look at the last chapter in this incredible Gospel, considering the evidence for the Resurrection, and the preposterous claim put forward by the Jewish leadership, that the Disciples of Jesus had come and stolen the body – while a highly trained unit of Rome’s finest soldiers just slept??!!

We also look at the claim that the last 16 verses of Mark’s Gospel were a later addition. The claim is made that in two of the ‘oldest’ and ‘most reliable’ manuscripts these verses were not there, thus proving them to be a later addition.

This all sounds very scholarly, and the average person will simply accept the footnotes in their ‘Bible’, after all, surely we can trust the translators can’t we?

Well actually no. A resounding no!



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