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This teaching is our 26th session in our verse-by-verse study of the Book of Genesis by pastor Barry – given as part of our family service on 24th September 2017.

In this study, we see the birth of the children of Jacob and discover how their names tell the history of the nation in advance!

We also see both Rachel and Leah desperate to satisfy a desire. For Rachel, it was the desire to have children; for Leah, it was the desire to be loved by Jacob. Both thought if they could just get that which they desired, everything would be alright. In reality, only God Himself can satisfy. We can search for happiness and satisfaction from many things – a relationship, career, material possessions, family – but ultimately all will disappoint and leave you empty, bitter, resentful or maybe all of these and more.

We have been created to have a relationship with our Creator, it began in Genesis 1 and concludes with God and man walking in harmony in Revelation 21:3. Everything in between reveals how God has gone to unfathomable lengths to make it possible.

You can listen to the audio on this web page, or save it for listening to later.  We have also made available the Powerpoint slides (in PDF format) that outline the key points of this study.

We hope and pray this teaching will bless you and encourage you to undertake your own personal study and adventure in God’s Word!

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