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Psalm 119 17-24


In this study of verses 17-24 we see the Psalmist on his knees before the Lord pleading for Grace, which is always given to those who ask. Spurgeon makes the following comment: “In this section the trials of the way appear to be manifest to the Psalmist’s mind, and he prays accordingly for the help which will meet his case. As in the last eight verses he prayed as a youth newly come into the world, so here he pleads as a servant and a pilgrim, who growingly finds himself to be a stranger in an enemy’s country. His appeal is to God alone, and his prayer is specially direct and personal. He speaks with the Lord as a man speaketh with his friend”. It is easy to read this and miss the real emotion and progression of thought, and whilst this was written as a song, it is a song that comes straight from the heart. As a practical step, just take one verse of this Psalm a day (start today!), and meditate on it throughout the day. Start at breakfast, then remind yourself mid morning of the verse. Then again at lunchtime, then in the afternoon, then as you sit to eat your evening meal, then in the evening, and finally when you go to bed (see Psalm 119:164). It might be helpful to get a notebook and jot down the things the LORD reveals to you. You will be amazed at the things the Holy Spirit will reveal, about your life, your walk, His goodness and patience, and the reality that He is able to make us stand! (Romans 14:4). Every blessing, Pastor Barry.

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