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Psalm 119 169-176


“The Psalmist is approaching the end of the psalm, and his petitions gather force and fervency; he seems to break into the inner circle of divine fellowship, and to come even to the feet of the great God whose help he is imploring this nearness creates the most lowly mew of himself, and leads him to close the psalm upon his face in deepest self-humiliation, begging to be sought out like a lost sheep”. CHS The name of this letter means boundary, and for the Psalmist, this is as Jacob’s Mizpah (Gen 31:41-52), a line has been drawn that should be crossed no more. As we have journeyed through this Psalm the Psalmist has prayed to be quickened – made alive to God, but dead to sin; and now that the LORD has answered his prayers he has no intention of going back.

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